Top 5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Under £20 

Top 5 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £20

Secret Santa’s have been drawn and now is the perfect time to start thinking about those Secret Santa gift ideas!

As the home of quirky gifts, we wanted to share our top personalised selection for you to choose from for under £20… not to mention those Black Friday discounts!

From the funny to the cutesy, British Made Gifts have something for everyone and your personalised present will surely be in the running for the best Secret Santa gift.

1. Mini Me

Mini Me Doll Personalised Secret Santa Gift

When you think Secret Santa you think funny, bizarre and laugh out loud… here is the perfect suggestion to match the criteria… the Mini Me!

Keep it PG or take it too far, the Mini Me collection offers hundreds of outfits and designs to upload your recipients picture on to. Princess’, sports persons, speedo-wearers, and office workers your Secret Santa gift won’t disappoint and will capture the persona of the person receiving your gift perfectly.

If your Secret Santa prefers their pet to humans... check out the Pet Mini Me collection.

At only £19.99 (check out any live discount codes) this is perfect Secret Santa for him or for her.

Personalised Superhero Mini Me Secret Santa
Personalised Mechanic Mini Me Doll Secret Santa
Personalised Princess Mini Me Doll Secret Santa Gift
Personalised Nurse Mini Me Doll Secret Santa Gift
Personalised Hoodie Mini Me Secret Santa Gift
Office Worker Suit Mini Me Secret Santa

2. Mush Cush

Personalised Secret Santa Face Cushion

An equally hilarious but slightly cheaper option than the Mini Me. This Mush Cush is a solid choice and has been a best-selling Secret Santa gift for years!

The beauty of this personalised face cushion is that you can completely customise the product from start to finish by uploading your face, or the face of your Secret Santa, choose a colour surround and add a personalised message.

Alternatively, choose one of our pre-made highly offensive or simply hilarious quotes!

Personalised Face Cushion Secret Santa
World's Best Gift Personalised Secret Santa
Nice Face Cushion Personalised Secret Santa

3. Bar Runner

An extremely versatile Secret Santa gift idea! With a huge percentage of people now owning their own home bar, chances are your secret santa might fall under that statistic. Alternatively, these personalised bar runners make for a great desk accessory to rest your keyboard on at the office.

Create your own from start to finish, upload your secret santas face and watch it scatter or choose a stock design and personalise with a message.

With a more than reasonable price tag of £12.99, the personalised bar runners are a perfect option.

5 oclock Somewhere Personalised Bar Runner
Personalised Collage Bar Runner
Personalised Cocktail Bar Runner
Personalised Wine Bar Runner
Personalised Neon Bar Runner
Personalised Whiskey Bar Runner

4. Towels

Is your Secret Santa planning a holiday now that restrictions are lifted? What better gift that a Personalised Beach Towel… or if they’re staying at home, they might like a Personalised Tea Towel!

The towelling range starts from only £11.99 and the designs available have a lot to offer, no matter what age or gender your Secret Santa is.

Peronalised Collage Beach Towel
Funny Secret Santa Towel
Leopard Print Towel
Create Your Own Tea Towel
Secret Santa Face All Over Tea Towel
Photo Tea Towel Christmas Gift

5. Aprons

Our aprons are perfect for arts, crafts, decorating, cooking, baking, BBQ’s and Secret Santa’s! Suitable for him or for her, and if you don’t know your Secret Santa an Apron is a solid all rounder…

These Aprons are one size fits all for adults and made from a shower-proof material to protect clothes when cooking.

On sale for only £13.99, you might have some budget left over to treat yourself!

Create Your Own Apron
Face All Over Apron
Create Your Own Kids Apron
Personalised Face All Over Apron
Cursive Script Apron
Shop All Personalised Aprons

Other Secret Santa Inspiration

Create Your Own Secret Santa Gifts


Haven't found anything suitable for your Secret Santa?

There is always the option to create your own gift! Choose from a wide variation of products all made for you to design your own perfect gift.

Scatter Face Funny Secret Santa


Mermaid man, bikini girl or elf yourself. The scatter face collection is definitely a good option for a gag Secret Santa gift.

Upload a clear picture of your Secret Santa and see it scatter across all the different designs!

Photo Collage Gifts


Scour through your Secret Santa's Social Media channels to collate the best photo memories.

Upload up to 50 images to create a lovely collage on a selection of products.

Face All Over Gifts


A best selling option... especially in the run up to Christmas.

Who wouldn't want something with their face all over?

We think your Secret Santa definitely would!

We hope we have given you some inspiration for this years Secret Santa.

Don't forget to tag us in your amazing photos so we can share them with our followers.

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