How the Mini Me Doll was created

The Designers and Creators Of The Original Mini Me Dolls - British Made Gifts

Mini Me Doll  - British Made Gifts


Mini-Me-Dolls are personalised photo dolls, created as a fun gifting idea. Mini Me dolls are designed to look like a family friend or relative. The dolls were originally created by an English manufacturer and gifting brand British Made Gifts. As a manufacturer of innovative and quirky personalised gifts, they launched the product in early 2018. The first ever Mini Me was based on a Voodoo theme design, the Mini Me has now matured into a huge range for customers to choose from. The Mini Me is CE tested and approved. The range includes categories for kids, everyday occupations including NHS workers and trades people, hoodies, pyjamas, and hilarious joke outfits! They also now offer a pet shaped range, where customers can upload their pets faces and add a custom name. Not only is the range versatile, they have elements to compliment every gifting holiday including happy birthday badges, hen and stag designs, ‘super-mum’ for mother’s day, ‘beer belly’ for father’s day and a Christmas collection. Alongside the development of the Mini Me product, the brand have streamlined the production process behind the product to enable the manufacturing of up to 4,000 Mini Me’s per day from point of sale to dispatch without hindering the design or product. During the 2020 pandemic, the Mini Me Dolls gave families and especially children some comfort when separated from their loved ones. 

Mini Me - Custom Photo Dolls


January 2018 Mini Me doll was born created in 2018 by an English gifting brand named British Made Gifts.

February 2018 Mini Me prototypes launched to the public for feedback

August 2018 Mini Me product tested for CE approval/photographs taken for launch

November 2018 The Mini Me was officially brought to market in November 2018, the first sale being 20/11/2018 and after a successful Christmas the brand realised the potential of the product and therefore outsourced a marketing firm to promote the brand. The British Made Gifts brand further developed production processes as the initial process was too slow to keep up with demand, this meant investing in new machinery, expanding the factory, and recruiting more employees.

June 2020-2021 Became a viral sensation and comfort for families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

January 2022 The Mini Me Brand was recognised and nominated for the Gift Of The Year award