The British Made Gifts Home Pub Crawl Challenge

The British Made Gifts Home Pub Crawl Challenge - Home Bar Games

Since you can’t head to the local bars and pubs right now, why not bring your local to you!  Let’s face it, with all this free time you’ve probably been dedicating hours to finally getting around to doing bits on the house and garden, so why not dedicate a bit of that time to a fun project for you and the family!  Brighten up the week by creating your very own pub or pub crawl!

Whether it's a makeshift bar in the garden or a pub crawl through the house, get creative and enjoy a night at your own makeshift local. 

You don’t need a fancy setup to have a night at the pub, our custom bar runners and banners can transform any space into the next hot spot in the house! 

How To Join The British Made Gifts Home Pub Crawl Challenge 

Step 1. Get the family involved and come up with the funniest pub name(s) you can think of, or if you want to go all out, create a logo using photoshop or paint. Then head to British Made Gifts 

Home pub crawl challenge

Step 2. Create a personalised bar runner using our online customiser! You can choose from a range of fun templates or even design your own! 

Personalised bar matt

Add to cart and you're 1 step closer to your own makeshift local! 

Step 3. Now you have your serving mat you need to make the pub sign, our personalised banners are the perfect backdrop to any pub. Why not make it even more fun and design a pub/banner for a few rooms in the house and go on a house pub crawl. A unique pub for every room!

personalised bar banner

As with our bar runners, just upload your design and add it to cart! 

Step 4.  If you really want to take it to the next level you can even create your own personalised doormat, towels, cushions, the possibilities are endless as long as you have the imagination for it! 

Explore our entire collection here

That’s it you're all set to decorate any space and transform it into your own pub from home.

Don’t forget to share your bar crawl with us on Facebook for the chance to win it all for free. Just share your best photo of your home setup using any of our custom gifts and our chosen favourite will get their purchase fully refunded!