The benefits of drop shipping

The benefits of drop shipping

We’d like to introduce you to the hidden gem of the consumer goods world, a little thing called drop shipping.

Drop shipping, in our opinion is an extremely low risk business model that generates healthy revenue and helps to contribute to the ever growing manufacturing sector.

What exactly is drop shipping?

The main concept of drop shipping is selling another companies products on your online store – in our case, with your own designs on. This enables your business to offer a large selection of products without purchasing inventory or holding stock. It really can be a great tool to help diversify your inventory and test products.

You could even create a sole business using a drop shipping model, all you would need is a website – it may not be as profitable as manufacturing products internally or holding stock but sell enough products and you will most definitely see the financial incentive.


  • No start up fee – with L&S Prints (British Made Gifts) we have a zero risk policy and don’t take a start up fee from clients, although some companies will.
  • If you choose the correct drop shipping partners to deal with, competitive and fair pricing will come naturally. Just make sure you do the research and the maths.
  • No need to hold stock – you can run a profitable business from your own home, let the manufacturers worry about the production, stock and quality control.
  • Still have your say and run it your way – most drop shipping partners are more than happy for you to manage the customer service element of the business, and even use your own custom packaging. If you don’t want your customers to know somebody else manufactures your products, they don’t necessarily have to.

How L&S Prints (British Made Gifts) run things:

Your customers – our products – your designs.

  1. You email the orders with customer’s name and address (ensure to comply with GDPR)
  2. We manufacture and send the product directly to your customer
  3. Your customer receives the product from ‘your store’
  4. An invoice is sent at the end of the month with trade price and postage cost – you keep the rest!
If you’d like to know more about our drop shipping service please call us on 01535 608845 or email

Thanks for reading!